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Who We Are

Hicks-Carter-Hicks (H-C-H) is an award-winning, full-service performance improvement company.

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We Help Clients

Train & Develop diverse workforces and transform their workplaces using innovative solutions.

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Why Choose Us

Our team of consultants and strategic partners offer over 100 years of experience combined.

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H-C-H helps clients to identify, assess and resolve challenges in the workplace that impede positive performance, operating excellence and bottom-results.
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H-C-H coaches teams and individuals to accelerate their performance, redirect behavior, and achieve professional and organizational goals.
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Focus Groups & Surveys

We offer a variety of organizational, team and individual assessment tools that can be customized for your company or used off-the-shelf.
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H-C-H designs, develops and delivers employee development solutions that focus on improving job performance, creating star performers, and maximizing business results.
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Online Training

H-C-H Interactive is an affordable approach to automating workforce training, surveys and assessments.
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H-C-H facilitates large and small group meetings. We help clients develop the meeting objectives, structure the agenda and handle logistics.
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Our Services and Solutions,
are integrated and customized for your business.


Looking for an award-winning, full-service performance improvement company?