Core Values

Core Values

Company Core Values

Values compass graphic Hicks Carter Hicks

We believe in and are committed to the mission, vision, values and corporate goals of Hicks-Carter-Hicks.

We act with honesty, fairness and integrity in our business interactions with others, and expect all those we work with to uphold the same high standards, even in difficult times. Our role is to do what is right and in the best interest of all stakeholders: the company, employees, suppliers, business partners, clients and community.

Honest, transparent yet discrete in our dealings with others, we pride ourselves on creating an environment of trust. We never disclose information that could harm our coworkers, clients, partners or others.

We practice inclusion and value the diversity of all with whom we interact. We treat everyone—coworkers, clients, partners and others—with dignity and respect.

We endeavor to provide each client with insight, recommendations and solutions that deliver a greater Return On Investment (ROI) than the cost of doing business with us.

Client-centric, we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Our goal is that every client will enjoy an AWESOME experience working with our team.

We continuously look for new and different ways to do our jobs, exceed client expectations and deliver new, innovative and creative services/solutions. Our team members embrace change and the opportunity to champion new ideas.

Team members work together as one team by supporting each other, collaborating, and sharing resources and ideas.

We believe in providing our employees with the training, coaching, nurturing, resources and respect they need to perform like Superstars. Employees first…

We share our time, talent and resources to help others who can benefit from our contributions.