CoachingH-C-H coaches teams and individuals to accelerate their performance, redirect behavior, and achieve professional and organizational goals.

Woman and man online coaching Hicks Carter Hicks

Coaching Components

Structured coaching contract & process
Formal Assessments

Formal assessments such as 360-Degree instruments and various other assessment instruments

Behavior observation
Formal feedback process
Individual development plans
How-to-coach training

How-to-coach training for managers of those being coached

International Coach Federation

Adherence to the International Coach Federation’s ethics, code of conduct and regulations

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Hicks-Carter-Hicks and submit a business inquiry online.

Hicks-Carter-Hicks has partnered with CMA to help a couple of our clients with highly challenging situations focused on diversity. Hicks-Carter-Hicks is effective and an expert in this arena.


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